Bobbatlu, a cherished Andhra delicacy, is a sweet flatbread filled with a delicious blend of jaggery, lentils, and aromatic spices. Known for its soft texture and rich flavor, it’s a beloved treat enjoyed during festivals and special occasions. Perfect for sharing with family and friends, Bobbatlu captures the essence of traditional Indian sweets in every bite.

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Introducing our traditional Andhra Sweet, Bobbatlu, now available for purchase through our online store. Also known as Puran Poli, our Bobbatlu is crafted with pride, using premium ingredients to deliver a soft, chewy delight bursting with rich flavors. Perfect for sharing with loved ones, it makes for an ideal snack option.

Our Bobbatlu comes in various quantities to suit your needs, and each order is meticulously packed and delivered to ensure freshness. Order our traditional and delicious Bobbatlu online today and savor the authentic taste of Andhra sweets!

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