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Experience the bold and tangy flavors of Gongura Chicken, a culinary delight prepared with tender chicken pieces and the distinctive taste of gongura leaves. Our Gongura Chicken is meticulously cooked with a harmonious blend of spices, creating a dish that is both aromatic and flavorful. Perfect as a main course or side dish, it’s sure to tantalize your taste buds with every bite. Elevate your dining experience with Divi’s Gongura Chicken today.

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Prepared in our factory, the Gongura Boneless Chicken pickle is infused with a blend of carefully selected spices for enhanced flavor. Divi’s zesty and tangy Gongura Boneless Chicken Pickle is now available in stores at an affordable price.

6 reviews for GONGURA CHICKEN
  1. admin

    The Produce is amazing for the price, the quality first class

  2. admin

    Reasonably priced, great quality & very fresh.

  3. admin

    Thank you for my order. Excellent quality and value.

  4. admin

    Thank you very much for my order it was very fresh and very good value for money. will definitely be ordering again

  5. admin

    Had my first box delivered today. Lovely fresh produce and great value for money.

  6. admin

    got a box on Thurs between soup and stews and grandchildren eating fruit it’s almost gone .
    Good quality and fresh.

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