Nuvvula Soft Laddu, also known as Sesame Laddu, is a classic Indian sweet renowned for its rich flavor and satisfying texture. Made from high-quality sesame seeds, jaggery, and a hint of aromatic spices, each laddu is carefully crafted to perfection. With its smooth exterior and medium-hard consistency, Nuvvula Hard Laddu is a delightful treat enjoyed on special occasions or as a wholesome snack any time of day.

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Nuvvula soft Undalu / Sesame Laddu is a traditional sweet made with the finest Quality Til.

Ingredients Used in Nuvvula Undalu: White Sesame Seeds, Pure Desi Ghee, Jaggery, Groundnuts, Liquid Glucose, and Cardamom


Storage Instructions: Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight.
Storage Temperature: Room temperature
Serving Temperature: Room temperature
Texture: Smooth & Medium-hard
Place of Origin: India
Alternate Names: Nuvvulu Undallu in Telugu, Ellu Unde In Kannada, Sesame Laddu In English
Course: Snack, Dessert
Occasions: Must have sweet in Marriages & in all Festival times

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